Examining The Making of The Somerset Cider

Cider making in Somerset is called the making of scrumpy. The region is well known in the making of scrumpy really well for over a few hundred years. The true meaning of the authentic Somerset scrumpy is a sharp-tasting and a strong cider. It is made only within Somerset and is one that is distributed throughout the world through history. Somerset is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of cider in the United Kingdom. The West Country has a very traditional way they made their cider and choose the right apples specifically for their sharp taste to give the cider its trademark flavour.

Examining The Making of The Somerset Cider
Examining The Making of The Somerset Cider

A Look Through Cider Times

The beginnings of the recipe for the cider was established during the Roman period. It has been predominant in the region since the eleventh century. England had three main capitals that made their cider – Hampshire, Kent and Somerset. This is because of the favourable climate and the right kind of apples required for the cider here. Since the beginning of their cider history, more houses were producing and selling cider that both the local and the international needs were met. The sharp beverage was believed to have medical benefits, that only propelled its sale everywhere.

Everything used cider to promote health. Beauty products, ointments, oils, etc. all have cider as the main ingredient to improve health. The alcoholic consumption of cider is also prevalent. The beauty factor that cider contributed to was one of the main reasons that it cold as well as it did. Today, cider is very popular and especially the scrumpy variety. Several companies around the world make cider today. However, the original scrumpy can still be enjoyed with a few companies like Sheppy’s or Thatchers. These companies still brew their cider right in Somerset and source their apples from its source to maintain its authenticity.

The Process of Making Scrumpy

The traditional process of making scrumpy has always been to pulp, press and ferment. The juice from the apples is missed with yeast to ensure the fermentation is spot on. All pips are removed when crushing and pulping the apples. Removing the pips make the pressing easy. Large mills are used for this purpose, and the apples look similar to apple sauce when they are done with the pulping stage.

Secondly, the juice is extracted by mixing several verities of apples and then completing the extraction process. There are at least six different varieties of apples that are used to press the pulp. Till the right flavour of scrumpy is achieved, the apple varieties are added. The type of cider made is then layered, and the juice is extracted using a nylon cloth. After doing this process at least ten times, the juice is then mixed with preservatives and pasteurized. If the cider is intended to be made into an alcoholic beverage, then it is fermented. Once done, it is packed and shipped or consumed locally. The scrumpy is best-consumed ice cold and is an authentic piece of Somerset history that shows promise of living through time and tide.