Experience the History of Harbourside

Journeying back to the eleventh century, you will see ships line the shores as Harbourside merchants trade and sell. The docks hustled and bustled throughout the day with an antiquated system of commerce. When the sun set and the seas were clear, you could almost hear an eerie silence fall over the Harbourside town. As the activity moved to the center of town, there was always an anticipation for the morning. Centuries began to pass while the culture of commerce changed from sea to land. Trains and transportation evolved leading merchants in a different direction. The world opened its doors, trading expanded, and mainstream goods gained a new perception. Harbourside rose to the occasion meeting and exceeding expectations at every turn. The docks were once the spotlight location for miles around. Harbourside transformed with modernity while holding its experiences and integrity of an adventurous past.

Historical Harbourside Sites

History is truly cherished within the town. The fireside tales and night time chats will often include the tellings of old. Sharing their heritage with the world, Harbourside presents an experience for guests. Peering through the pages of the past, you will feel as if you have traveled through time. From a busy dock and harbor to a tourist’s treasure, planning a cultural voyage will enrich your itinerary. With so many sites to choose from, we have brought a few favorites of Harbourside’s cultured places to the forefront.

Spike Island

The former Brooke bond tea packing factory remains in the southern area of the docks. Believing in a hands on approach, spike island is innovating and charming. Artistic exhibits are complemented with an inclusion for presentations, demonstrations and the ability to influence Harbourside as a creative hub of the region. A Vibrant energy resounds trough the cultural site as guests are able to participate and demonstrate their own talents. Workshops are available to tour with open spaces to leave your own impression in Bristol.

Bristol Aquarium

When in Bristol, you will note a lot of above water conversations in the memory books. Interestingly, the world below the sea is an imperative piece of the Harbourside puzzle. The Bristol Aquarium sheds light into the underwater life and habitat that survived for centuries. During the prior ages of the docks, there has been an entirely different view just beneath the ships that sailed in and out through the day. Brilliant displays of sunken ships, rainforest pools and a wide array of sea life and plants are a must have on your schedule. Several exhibits are available and is a known gem of the community.

M Shed

Experience the history of the town at The M Shed Museum. With artifacts and collections that tell a tale of how the region came to be and what it was beforehand. Dating back to prehistoric times, the museum holds a phenomenal collection to share with residents and guests. Activities and thought-provoking tours offer insights to the how life was once lived in Harbourside. Bristol is rich in culture that has remained a prominent part of the community today.